How To Earn Money From Youtube – New Methode 2019

How To Earn Money From Youtube – New Methode 2019: Maybe you are a student or recently complete your education from a university/ Board/ School. But did not find an appropriate work according to your qualification. And also you want to earn money from home. So this content perfect for you.
Yes, you can make money on Youtube. Youtube is a very large place. A huge amount of people are making money in this place. Youtube is a very good place where you can easily earn money. I would never say that “you started working today and would earn a lot of money tomorrow”. But I can say that if you work from the mind, you must earn money from Youtube. This is not any difficult task, You should follow some simple steps. And then you will start earning money.

How to Create a Youtube Channel and Make Money??

First Step, At fast login/ Sign Up your youtube account through a G-mail. The G-mail owner must be you & also the g-mail should verify by your mobile number.

Second Step, Create a youtube channel by any name in your youtube account.
How to Create a Youtube Channel:-
1. Login to your youtube Account.
2. Then tab a “Create Studio” Tab.(Create a Studio tab option given on Account Logo button)
3. Now Click The Chanel Button(from the left side)
4. Then Verify your channel by any mobile number.
All Done Your Channel is Created.

Third Step, Monetise your channel in Adsense.
How to Motivation Your Channel in Adsense:-
1. At first, click the monetize button(From below Left side).
2. Then Select Your Country.
3. Then Enable your account in Adsense.
4. After that mark all Agreements and submit “I Agree” Button.
5. At last link your account on Google Adsense.
6. Fill up all the details with your bank account Number.
The all work is Done

After all steps, your main work is to upload videos on your youtube channel & earn money. If you want to promote your website, you can promote your website on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter e.t.c…