Rupasree Prakalpa – Application, Form fill up & other Details

Rupasree Prakalpa – Application, Form fill up & other Details:- You must be knowing about the financial pressure that falls upon an Indian family during the marriage of their adult daughters. This pressure is a totally unhealthy and unnecessary one. Marriage is an event of celebration and a celebration can be made grand not only by material luxuries but also by blessings and rejoices.

Rupasree Prakalpa 2020 – Application, Form fill up & other Details

The Government of West Bengal is sensible towards the daughter of the state and this is clearly evident from the different schemes for daughters, initiated by the government- Kanyasree Prakalpa, Rupasree Prakalpa, etc.

Here in this article I am going to let you know about Rupasree Prakalpa 2020 of the West Bengal Government in detail.

Do you know what the Rupasree prakalpa is?

The Rupasree prakalpa is an initiative of the State government of West Bengal. This scheme or prakalpa is a novel approach towards giving support to the families which have adult daughters. This scheme gives a onetime financial grant to the economically backward families during the marriage of their adult daughters. The amount sums up to Rs. 25,000. Remember that the Rupasree prakalpa is a onetime grant and not a recurring one.

What is the objective of the Rupasree Please?

The monetary award which is provided by Rupasree prakalpa aims at easing the financial crisis that a poor family faces while their daughter’s marriage. The expenditure of marriage is generally a lump sum amount. For meeting this expenditure many families seeks loans at high interest rate. Borrowing money at a high interest rate leads the family towards further debts. A vicious circle them gradually engulfs the family and an everlasting tension is creat. The Rupasree prakalpa come to the rescue of the poor families from drowning into this vast ocean of debt and financial burden of marrying their daughters off.

 Are you aware of the scope of the Rupasree scheme?

All the schemes have a specified area of operation and scope of functioning. It is the same for this Prakalpa too. The Rupasree scheme has been in effect since April 2018. The scheme will thus be applicable for all marriages there on.

The Rupasree prakalpa is implemented in all the districts of the state of West Bengal. So, the Prakalpa covers the whole of Bengal state. No matter which state you belong to, you can apply for getting the award if you are eligible for the same.

If you are not well aware about the eligibility criteria of Rupasree Prakalpa then please have a look here

The West Bengal Government has laid down some criteria on the basis of which a woman is held eligible to avail the Rupasree Prakalpa scheme.

The Rupasree scheme will be applicable to any woman who wishes to get married. It is necessary that the candidate’s application satisfies the below stated criteria:

  • The candidate must attain the age of  at least 18 years (please keep in mind that any marriage where the bride’s age is below 18 years is seen as a crime in the eyes of law)
  • The candidate must be officially unmarri on the date of submission of her application.
  • The proposed marriage has to be the first marriage of the candidate
  • The birthplace of the candidate is West Bengal or she is a resident of the state for the last 5 years at least. If her parents are permanent residents of West Bengal then also the candidate shall be held eligible to apply.
  • The annual income of the candidate’s family must not exceed INR 1.5 lakhs per annum.
  • The would be groom must have attained the age of a major (21 years)
  • The candidate must have her own bank account (she should the sole-holder of the account). It is necessary that the bank account must belong to a bank which has a MICR code and an IFS code. The bank must transact e-payments through NEFT.

How do you apply for the scheme?

The application form of the scheme is available on You can download the form from here.

Apart from this, you can also avail the form free of cost from the following offices:

  • If you live in a rural area then you can avail the form from the Office of Block Development Officer.
  • If you reside on Municipal area then you can get the form from the Office of the Sub – Divisional Officer.
  • You reside in a Municipal Corporation area(IF) then you have to collect the form from the Office of the Municipal Commissioner.

You have to submit the following documents/ certification along with the application form:

Here below all Documents you have to submit for the application period:-

  • Age proof: Self-attested photocopy of any of the given documents-  Voter ID card / Madhyamika Admit card/ PAN Card / AADHAR card / Birth Certificate.
  • School leaving certificate,
  • Self-declaration on your never married status.
  • Self-declaration on your family income
  • Proof of your residence
  • Self-attested photocopy of of a page if your Bank book which provides the details of the account holder’s name, bank address, MIRC No., IFS code, account no., etc.
  • Proof of your proposed marriage- Notice for Registration Marriage/ Marriage invitation card/ Self declaration.
  • You have to produce an age proof of your proposed groom.
  • Take a coloured passport size photograph of you and your would be groom.

The filled form along with the other required documents have to be submit to the Office of the Sub – Divisional Officer or Office of the Block Development Officer or the

 Office of the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation under which the candidate’s residence belongs.

The processing of the application and disbursements of the money:

All the applications will be assigned to an Enquiry officer whose duty is to conduct field verification and then submit an Enquiry Report for each application.

After the verification of the application, the Sanctioning officer (SDO/ Commissioner/ BDO) will sanction all the verified applications. The applications that have a negative report will be eliminat.

Finally, the Drawing and Disbursing Officer will transfer the money through IFMS to the bank account of the eligible candidate. The fund transfer should mandatorily done at least 5 days before the commencement of the propose marriage.

The women of the 21st century are independent to choose their life partners. A forced marriage is consider as a criminal offence. Also, claiming dowry is mark as an unlawful and extremely mean crime.

Marriage is a festive occasion. All parents dream of getting their daughters marriage through a grand ceremony. But our society should never put undue pressure on any family to meet any pseudo standard for the occasion of their daughter’s marriage. Let’s celebrate our daughters’ marriage not as a social burden but a social infrastructure that aims at a happy life ahead.

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